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The Beauty Remains

Oil on canvas, 12" x 24"

"Evelyn whom I loved dearly... my neighbor for many years... had a magnolia tree that I watched grow from the time I was a child. This tree became huge and the leaves were constantly falling.... which gave Evelyn her daily exercise. It was important to her that her yard was groomed and in order. We had so much fun giving her a hard time about her leaves ending up in our yard... returning them in every silly kind of fashion or package.

As the tree grew, I would take a ladder to her yard to climb up into the branches at just the right moment of the day to capture photos of the magnolia flowers. You can see from the shadows in the painting that this magnolia was recorded in late afternoon. 

At 84, Evelyn passed on, taking a little piece of our hearts. She was a vibrant, beautiful soul. I was in the process of painting this work of art at her death. The title came instantly, as we remembered her and all that she left to us. Beautiful love!"

Visit Vie's websiite to see more of her work.

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