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Lavender Ice

Oil on canvas, 38" x 46"

Lavender Ice began its journey as a different softer yellow work about a fall pond. However, the painting was too gentle for most people’s tastes, and my galleries were unable to sell it. The painting was returned to me.

My plan was to deepen the colors. As often is the case, when I go back into a painting to make something that I love better, I make it worse. The balance is no longer true and no manner of trying to fix improves it. At this stage, the piece needs to be reworked and allowed to blossom into something other, something else.

Muttering, “I should have left it alone. It was beautiful…” I picked up my brush and began painting with an abandon. What began to emerge surprised me. The painting suddenly changed season and morphed into winter, but not only that surprised me. The painting was remarkably familiar to where I am from (northern Maryland) in feel. Jokingly and to a few, I began referring to the new work as Valley Forge as it also took on a very Connecticut Yankee/ early American/ revolutionary vibe about it.

You can see Sylvia's art on her website.

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