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This time of year lends itself to being overly busy. Filling our calendars with holiday celebrations, end of the year work assignments, and maybe even some travel. It’s easy to put other people and things first, but we must remember we can’t pour from an empty cup. Keep your cup full this holiday season by prioritizing your health and fitness.

Use these tips for a healthier holiday season:

  1. Take a moment: Set aside 10-20 minutes at the start or end of each day to organize your schedule, plan the day ahead, or simply take a quiet moment to yourself.

  2. Schedule your workouts: Exercise is a proven stress reducer and can help boost the immune system. Block time in your calendar to workout 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes. Treat this appointment like you would any other appointment and don’t cancel on yourself! (Pro Tip: book a class at a local fitness studio for accountability and to let someone else plan your workout for you!)

  3. Enjoy in Moderation: Whether it be delicious holiday food or fancy cocktails, enjoying in moderation will help to avoid that sluggish feeling.

  4. Ditch the Guilt!: Whether it’s guilt from food, lack of exercise, or the expectations of others – ditch it! Guilt, like stress, is a huge detriment to health. Give yourself some grace and just enjoy the season.

I can’t stress enough that taking care of yourself is not selfish. Give your friends and family the best version of you this holiday season! Cheers!

Alison Galvan is the owner and CEO of EnergyX Fitness in San Antonio.

Staying healthy during the holidays

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