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It’s spring, and a young dog’s fancy turns to…walks!

Actually, dogs of all ages need daily walks at all times of the year, for a variety of reasons:

  • exercise

  • stimulation

  • socialization

  • becoming familiar with the area where they live.

The last is important in the event they get lost: if they haven’t been out of their own yards, they won’t know where their home is! Along with always wearing a collar with a tag and having a microchip, familiarity with the neighborhood will make it more likely your dog will be returned or find his/her own way home.

Walks can be long or short, once or twice a day, and are good for people as well as their dogs. The speed and length of walks is not as important as one might think - sniffing is equally as important as it stimulates your dog’s brain.

If you introduce puppies to leash walks early, chances are they won’t have many problems with on-leash behavior—but they might. If you have a dog who is unaccustomed to a leash, or have a particularly lively puppy, consider using a harness or head collar, like the Gentle Leader. A few sessions with a dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement training techniques can also be a huge help for both you and your dog. It’s worth it!

A Pup drinking from a Cannoli Fund water bowl

The other thing that dogs (and cats) need year-round, but especially in hot weather, is constant access to fresh water. The Cannoli Fund would like to help you provide that access. (Let’s face it, we’ve all forgotten to take water with us, or sometimes a short walk turns into a longer one!) We provide free large, colorful water bowls to those in our Lavaca and King William service area, to be placed along the sidewalk to allow passing dogs and outdoor cats a place to quench their thirst. Dogs and cats can experience heat stroke just like people.

Request your free water bowl on The Cannoli Fund’s website.

Nancy Diehl serves on the board and is a co-founder of the Cannoli Fund, a local non-profit that cares for dogs and cats in need of help in the King William and Lavaca neighborhoods.

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