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Jen Beckmann

Jennifer Beckmann and her husband John own the Re:Rooted 210 Urban Winery in Hemisfair

Jennifer Beckmann started her hospitality career in Chicago’s fine dining restaurants. She joined the Texas wine industry in 2009 and has worked to develop four boutique wineries over a span of twelve years.

In 2019 she was granted the prestigious title of CWE by the Society of Wine Educators, the 441st in the history of the program. She also holds a level 2 (Certified Sommelier) title with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Jennifer has provided wine education and consulting for the SA Chef’s Cooperative, Edible San Antonio and more.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy

The most refreshing wines hit the spot on hot summer days.

Better with age?

Are you drinking wine at its best?

Holiday Gifts For The Uncommon Connoisseur

Looking for the perfect gift for your wine-loving loved ones? Here are some suggestions.

Trick or treat? When good wine goes bad...

Learn how to tell when wine is flawed.

Keeping it cool: how temperature affects wine

It's still hot, so beat the heat by sipping a refreshing white or rosé wine.

Crush Story

Learn about the journey from vine to bottle from Certified Sommelier Jennifer Beckman.

Diary of a harvest hand

A day with the grapes

Breaking up with the cork

Glass bottles with corks no longer define quality wine

The sip heard around the world

In an unprecedented upset, Napa Valley Wines bested the finest wine legacies of renowned wine areas Burgundy and Bordeaux.

A Glass for the Grill: Tannins in Wine

Barbecue works with wine; here's how to match it.

Texas Terroir - Playing in the Dirt

Texas wines are telling the triumphant success story of their journey from dirt to bottle.

Sipping Sweet

Learn about pairing wine and food from Jennifer Beckmann, proprietor of RE:ROOTED Urban Winery and Certified Sommelier & CSW

Going Blind

Jennifer Beckman of Re:Rooted gives tips on hosting and attending a wine tasting!

Pour yourself a glass, and let's talk about wine

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