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Lyn Belisle

Lyn Belisle is an artist who works with clay, fiber, and paper in assemblage and collage

My work has always been strongly influenced by the idea of “shards” as a metaphor for human communication across time. A shard can be a found fragment of clay, a rusty nail, a scrap of handwriting – any little clue that becomes a “secret handshake” between the maker and the discoverer.

For decades I’ve worked with clay, fiber, and paper in assemblage and collage to express this non-verbal time-circle connection. When my friend Michelle Belto introduced me to the encaustic process in 2009, this new-to-me medium seemed the perfect companion for my most-loved materials. I’d briefly tried encaustic medium on collage, but I began to understand that beeswax is a metaphoric material in itself, ancient as clay, versatile as paper, compelling as ivory and bone. Now beeswax and encaustic are integral parts of my mixed media process.

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Balancing Act

Linen, heat transfer, fiber, beeswax on canvas, 16" x 16"

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