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Joanne Gallagher

Southtown resident Joanne Gallagher is Applications Manager and Puppy Adoption Coordinator for Charming Pet Rescue.

I’m so excited to share my knowledge and experiences in dog rescue!

Until I moved to San Antonio, I’d never seen such a need for dog rescue and advocacy. There are so many not spayed or neutered, heartworm positive, and just completely neglected animals in our city.

My heart ached and knew that I had to do everything I could to make a difference. So I started scooping them off the street and fostering for any rescue who would say 'yes'. I’ve had every breed, age, disability and temperament move through my house. Each one has taught me something new and invaluable.

Eventually I was offered my dream job, working with a rescue! I started out managing the people fostering puppies and giving shots; recently I took on an additional role as our applications manager. I spend my days combing through applications to find the best homes for our amazing dogs, and I love it!

Joanne Gallagher works for Charming Pet Rescue

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