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Jen Galletti

Jen Galletti fosters dogs for the Footbridge Foundation and has volunteered with the Cannoli Fund TNR proogram.

My husband and I moved to Lavaca from Chicago, where we also fostered dogs. I quickly realized more of a need for animal advocacy here in San Antonio and Texas as a whole.

I’ve had several dog rescue adventures here in San Antonio and have participated in the feral cat TNR ( Trap Neuter & Release ) program thru The Cannoli Fund.

I love the vibrance and culture of Lavaca. We couldn’t have picked a better neighborhood to move to here in San Antonio... such a welcoming community with incredible and not to mention creative minds.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many like-minded animal lovers here and have recently started to work together as a team to better serve dogs and cats in need in our neighborhood.

It’s been very rewarding to foster for the Footbridge Foundation, which is an animal rescue based out of King William. I love walking my foster dogs around the neighborhood, not only for exercise but to socialize them better (and advertise them)!

I’m also obsessed with my own (senior) dogs.

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