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Cindy Morawski

Cindy Morawski is a San Antonio artist who works in pastels.

Award-winning San Antonio artist, Cindy Morawski, paints landscapes, florals, birds, and wildlife with pastels. A charter member and past President of the Texas Pastel Society, she has created art since childhood. Cindy also enjoys painting plein air landscapes outdoors with the Texas Pastel Society. An outdoor enthusiast, she tries to capture the light and colors of her subjects in nature within her compositions.

"I take artistic and spiritual inspiration from the natural world and then try to place it in a window for my viewer to appreciate. I want the viewer to feel as though they are standing where I am and looking out, appreciating the scene and feeling the awe in the goodness and beauty that nature provides."

See more of Cindy's work on her website.

First Snowfall

Pastel, 11" x 14"

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