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Tommy Newman

Tommy Newman is the owner and operator of Southtown Vinyl.

Tommy Newman is the owner and operator of Southtown Vinyl, a record store in San Antonio’s Lavaca neighborhood. He first became interested in vinyl as a young child, listening to Disney and He-Man records on his Fisher Price record player. Later, he would pick through his parents’ collection before starting a collection of his own.

In high school, Tommy became a house and dance music DJ and started playing at various clubs throughout San Antonio. By the age of 19, he was running his own nights at clubs and throwing dance parties in town, making connections in the music industry that would last to this day.

Currently, Tommy operates his business and continues to DJ and host events from time to time. He is still very involved in the San Antonio music scene and the music scene in general.

Tommy attended UTSA and received degrees in both English and Philosophy. He also holds a degree in Applied Philosophy and Ethics from Texas State University.

Tommy owns the Southtown Vinyl record store on South St. Mary's.

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There's something inherently cool about seeing a musician perform before they hit the big time.

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Wax Trax & Ministry & Gonzo & Memo

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What are your old LPs worth? This may give you an idea.

Who is Ivan Rebroff?

When you own a record store, everyone wants to stump you, and my doctor did when he asked me about Ivan Rebroff.

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