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Darryl Ohlenbusch

Darryl Ohlenbusch teaches architecture at UTSA and is active in neighborhood development issues.

Darryl Ohlenbusch has been active in the neighborhood for almost three decades. Today, he teaches architecture at the downtown campus of UTSA and lives in a home on Labor Street that he designed and built in 2001.

Darryl is a licensed Architect in the State of Texas, and he has completed many projects in the Lavaca and King William area, both new construction and historic preservation

He is also the Lavaca Neighborhood Association’s Zoning & Historic Preservation Director.

In past decades, he has served on boards of both the Lavaca and King William neighborhood associations, as well as the Southtown Mainstreet Alliance. He was one of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association representatives that negotiated with SAHA over a master plan for rebuilding the neighborhood after removal of the Victoria Courts housing project.

See some of Darryl's architectural work on his website.

Lavaca 101

Darryl explains the Lavaca neighborhood historic designations and what they mean to the community.

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