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Gretchen Rose

Gretchen Rose is an author who lives in King William

Born and raised in Michigan, King William resident Gretchen Rose earned degrees in music, English literature, and interior design. Most of her adult life was spent in South Florida, where, for 30-years, she owned and operated a high-end interior design firm catering to millionaires.

Her first major work was the musical “Talisman,” which was professionally produced in the largest regional theater in the South, starring an as-yet-undiscovered Mandy Moore! She went on to write two other musicals and several children’s books.

Gretchen has also written "Dancing with the Devil", "Dune Dragons", "Veni, Vidi, Vero", "A Little Vice in Paradise", and "A Christmas Charm".

Read more about Gretchen Rose and the books she has written on her website.

Nostalgia and marmalade

Gretchen Rose shares her recipe for preserving and the story behind it.

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