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Sarah Sorensen

Sarah Sorensen is our district's representative on the SAISD Board of Trustees

Sarah Sorensen is our newly-elected District 1 Board Trustee for the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD). She took office this year after defeating the eight-year incumbent on a platform that emphasized a greater community involvement in our schools and in board decision-making.

“As a member of the Board, I am committed to championing policies that increase community engagement with the board, making the budget process more transparent and centering students in all board decisions.”

Sarah has lived in the neighborhood since 2016. She is a proud SAISD parent. Before moving to San Antonio, she was a legislative analyst for the New York State Assembly. She is a native of upstate New York and moved several times during her childhood. She grew up attending public schools in four different states which help cement her belief that public schools can and should be spaces where people come together and work to build a better future for all.

We expect that Sarah will write regularly for LNF Weekly, keeping us informed about what’s going on in our schools.

Here's Sarah's page on the SAISD website.

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