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Sígueme (Follow Me)

Oil and watercolor monotype with acrylic polymer, 29" x 41"

In the self-portrait series, “Bailando con Mi Misma (Dancing with My Self)," I appropriate the bodies of professional dancers to construct narratives that portray fleeting moments of sensual enticement and celebration. 

I am intrigued by the romantic nuances of couple dancing such as attraction, flirtation, seduction, and by using myself in both portraits I also explore masculine/feminine aspects of self. 

This self-portrait is multi-layered mixed media watercolor over oil monotype, which is a printmaking process that yields a single one-of-a-kind print.  I sometimes contemplate the “skin tones” of my dancers to explore aspect of my bi-racial identity. I use Spanish titles for the tongue-in-cheek aspect they add to these works. The title “Sigueme (Follow Me)”, alludes to a couple’s intuitive re-connection after “letting go” for a moment in their joyous dance.

Photo of Barbara is courtesy of Anthony Francis

See more of Barbara's work at

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