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Editor's note: We've just been informed by the AVA that this program is now planned to start early in the Spring.


It’s fall, y’all, and it no longer feels like a blast furnace. It’s the perfect time to get off the couch and start walking. You probably know about the health benefits of walking, but maybe you don’t feel like you could go farther than across a parking lot, or maybe you just aren't motivated enough to start a routine.  AVA (America’s Walking Club) can help, because we are starting a new initiative just for people like you!

We are looking for 10 to 15 residents of the King William area for this initiative. It will run for eight weeks with a goal of encouraging and coaching novice walkers so they are able to complete a 5K or 3.1-mile walk at the end of the program. We'll start off slow and build up. 

There is no charge for participating in this program. The King William Association is co-sponsoring this initiative with America's Walking club. And there are all kinds of benefits in addition to starting a healthy fitness routine.

All participants who complete the program will receive a T-shirt, a new walker 'packet' and a one-year annual membership to the AVA.

Walking shoes worn by a person walking on a wooded path.

Let's walk together!

All participants will be required to complete pre and post surveys that will measure wellness dimensions including mood, illness, stress, sleep habits, and physical energy.

Participants will meet at different locations within the King William area and walk in a group at least once per week. The walking coach will be available for additional group walks if desired. Walkers will also be encouraged to walk at least one more time on their own during the week and will keep a daily walking diary that will track time walked, distance walked, or steps walked.

Each week the group walk distance will increase leading up to 5 kilometers in weeks seven and eight. Also, prior to week 8, walkers will have the opportunity to walk and talk with a nutritionist and mental wellness counselor. In week 8, the participants will attend one of the AVA’s traditional 5K walk events.

A celebratory social will be held after the final walk introducing participants to local club members, in hopes that they will continue their walking journey by joining one of the local clubs or perhaps even starting their own club or walk group in the King William District.

Many people find that it's much easier to start and stay committed to a fitness routine when they do it with others. Consider joining us... we'd love to do it together with you. If you are interested in this new program, please contact Patricia at

Andy Thomas is the Deputy Director of the American Volkssport Association

A new walking program for King William and nearby neighbors

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