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Fiesta is just around the corner, and it marks three years since we had a ‘normal’ one, back in April of 2019. Thanks to COVID, in 2020 it was postponed to November, and then cancelled altogether. In 2021, it was moved from April to June, and the city rejoiced to have it back. We saw the return of FIESTA FIESTA, NIOSA, and several other traditional Fiesta events that we love. But some fan-favorite events didn’t return last year.

What will it be like this year? Will 2022 see a return to normal?

The King William Fiesta Parade

One major Fiesta event ‘appears’ to have moved to a new location. Taste of the Republic is scheduled to take place at The Good Kind instead of its traditional location at a venue within the Fiesta Fiesta grounds during the kick-off celebration. (I say ‘appears’ because this event is NOT on the official Fiesta calendar as of this writing on March 15. I did, however, find information on it here).

And, there are a few other, traditional down-town Fiesta events that aren’t on the calendar. They are:

  • Miss Margaret’s Victorian House Tour

  • Fiesta Pops

  • Fiesta Nueva

  • Music from St. Mark’s

Maybe they’ll still be added to the calendar? Maybe some scheduled events will be cancelled? Probably too soon to know exactly how this year’s Fiesta will unfold, but for now, things are starting to look like they did a few years ago.

Crowd at the King William Fair

I spent some time scouring through the Fiesta 2022 calendar and compared the lineup to last year’s calendar. It looks like things are *almost* back to normal for the events that typically take place in the downtown area (that is, the area covered in the LNF Weekly Arts & Entertainment newsletter — basically everything between Pearl and Lonestar).

As of today, March 15, 2022, the official Fiesta calendar is chockfull of events that will take place all over the city. There are two large ‘fan-favorite’ events that are returning this year in the downtown area:

Fiesta Arts Fair at the Southwest School of Art: This juried national art show will feature over 100 artists from across the country. Guests will spend the day strolling the grounds of the Southwest School of Art, taking in the art, enjoying live music on two stages, watching the kids enjoy a youth activity area with hands-on activities, and, of course, splurging on Fiesta food and beverages.

When: Saturday, April 2 (10am - 6pm) and Sunday, April 3 (11am - 5pm)

Where: Southwest School of Art, 300 Augusta

The King William Fair & Parade: This beloved community fair covers over fifteen residential blocks and features over 200 art and craft booths, over 65 food and beverage vendors, live local entertainment on five stages, and a ‘Kids Kingdom’ area. And it kicks off with a parade. “You never know what quirky sights you’ll see in our Parade as it travels a 2-mile route through the neighborhood. From live camels to floating mermaids to Miss Southtown and her cheeky court — anything goes!”

When: Saturday, April 9 (9am - 6pm)

Where: King William Historic District

Jane Gennarelli is co-editor of LNF Weekly. She also edits the Lavaca & Friends weekly arts and entertainment newsletter.

Are Things Back to Normal?

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

¡Viva Fiesta! at Hemisfair

Fiesta is coming to Hemisfair and Hemisfair will host several family-friendly events throughout San Antonio's biggest celebration of the year.

Preserved from the old L&F website

Backstage at the King William Fair

The annual King William Fair is a big part of Fiesta and attracts thousands of attendees. Things came to a grinding halt this year because of COVID-19. So, what happens now?

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