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During a trip to the East Coast in May of '21, Mike Abad and Romo Gonzalez pondered the affects of the pandemic on the food and beverage industry, and wondered when things would get back to normal. They felt the world would be ready to resume pre-pandemic activities by the fall, and decided then and there that it would be a good time to enter the industry - in the form of a craft cocktail bar that featured live entertainment. Thus, the idea of Bar Ludivine was born.

They found a quaint spot in Lavaca and jumped on the opportunity. Five months later - in October of 2021 - they had a soft opening. Bar Ludivine, located at 1014 S. Presa Street, offers a unique craft cocktail program, local and craft beers, a French wine collection, and class-act live entertainment performed by local artists. Mixologists Roberto Mayorga and Roel Garza joined Mike and Romo to round out the Bar Ludivine team.

Roberto Mayorga shared his Tias Locas recipe with us. It’s a spin on the famous Brooklyn drink Tia Mia, which itself is a spin on the popular Mai Tai. Here’s Roberto’s creation:


1 oz aged Jamaican rum

½ oz Uruapan Charanda

½ oz Mezcal Espadin

½ oz dry curacao

1 oz fresh lime juice

3/4 oz macadamia nut syrup (Ludivine uses their own homemade syrup)

Sprig of fresh mint for garnish


Combine all ingredients into a shaking tin, fill with crushed ice, and agitate for at least 10 seconds. 

Pour into a double rocks glass and garnish with fresh mint. Enjoy!

Patricia is a photographer and the editor of our neighborhood recipes.

Bar Ludivine Tias Locas Recipe

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Friday, December 17, 2021

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