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Patricia Ortiz

Patricia is a photographer and the editor of our neighborhood recipes.

Patricia is a San Antonio native who grew up on the near west side, immersed in the culture, cuisine and spirit of San Antonio.

"I adore the unique, historic architecture of our city, and, as a new resident of the Lavaca neighborhood, I am truly amazed at all the wonderful architecture here."

"I am also an evolving self-taught photographer. I love photographing everyday life. I enjoy photographing the moon, sunsets, landscapes, animals and people. My photography recently moved into more of a whimsical stage, and I am currently exploring options with that new genre."

"When I am not at my computer trying to figure out how to use the latest editing software or trying out a new baking recipe and setting off the smoke alarm, you may find me walking the neighborhood with my canine companion, Jagger, as we explore our fabulous new neighborhood. I look forward to meeting my neighbors and sharing recipes!"

See Patricia's photography on her website.

Patricia's Crispy Tacos

Nothing seems more "Fiesta" than crispy tacos!

Rocio's & Freddy's Roast Chicken

A perfect, easy meal to serve to guests.

What's better than soup on a cold winter day?

This Mexican soup is a family favorite!

Bar Ludivine Tias Locas Recipe

Try Bar Ludivine's spin on the Tia Mia!

Izabella's empanadas

Here's a family recipe for a traditional Christmas treat.

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