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Editor's Note: District 1 has a new City Council representative, Sukh Kaur, and she wants to keep the neighborhood up-to-date on what's happening with the City and what she and her office are working on. She plans to report regularly through LNF Weekly. This is her initial update.


Since being sworn in at the end of June, my team and I have been working non-stop to bring on staff, help neighbors with long-standing issues, and collaborate with City staff on projects throughout the district. As such, I’m happy to share the following updates.

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District 1 Councilwoman Sukh Kaur

Colt Osburn

Colt Osburn is also someone you may recognize because he joins us from District 9 office. Colt has a background in construction and a wealth of in-the-field experience. He will be our Infrastructure Outreach Director. He is tasked with making sure construction projects run as smoothly as possible. 

His work will include visiting ongoing construction projects and speaking with the contractors, and assisting residents who experience disruptions as a result of construction.

I am confident that Sakeena and Colt, in coordination with the rest of our team, will do a stellar job on behalf of the District.


City Council will adopt the City’s annual budget in September, so I’m working with my staff to prepare for that.

Starting in August, the Council will receive detailed briefings from each of the City departments regarding that department’s plans for the next fiscal year (which will run from October 2023 through September 2024).


As an athlete, I believe a leader is only as good as their team. That’s why I have worked to build a strong, dedicated team to serve. So far, we have hired seven staffers. Each team member brings a wealth of experience, energy, and commitment with them. In fact, we have a combined 100+ years of public sector experience — and we’re eager to use it to the benefit of the district.


I want to introduce two of those staffers to you, the two people who are going to be responsible for infrastructure projects: Sakeena Price and Colt Osburn.

During the campaign, I heard loud and clear from residents that infrastructure issues were a big concern. People told me about streets and sidewalks that were in desperate need of repair; about long-standing flood issues; and about lengthy construction projects that disrupted their lives and business. That’s why Sakeena and Colt are going to be important both to you and to me as we move forward.

Sakeena Price

Sakeena Price may be someone you already know, because she worked previously in the District 1 office. Sakeena has a background in engineering and over 30 years of public service experience. Because of that, I believe that she’s an ideal fit for the position of our Infrastructure Director.

As Infrastructure Director, Sakeena will work with Public Works during project planning and design. She’ll be responsible for ensuring that our tax dollars stretch as far as possible.

This means reviewing project plans, looking for ways that projects can have multiple benefits, and making recommendations for the City’s infrastructure programs, like the Infrastructure Maintenance Program, Neighborhood Access & Mobility Program, Capital Improvements Program, and Pedestrian Mobility Program.

I want to make sure the City’s budget priorities match the needs and priorities of the District 1 community, so I’ve already been meeting with residents and leaders from within District 1 to listen to their concerns and to understand their priorities.

This is an area where two-way communication is critical, and I want to hear from everyone, so my office is hosting a town hall on the proposed budget on August 16, at 6:30 PM in the Candler Physical Education Center, located at 1819 N Main Avenue on the San Antonio College campus.

Please join us so you can learn about what is being proposed and share what you would like included.


Schools are a big priority for me, and I want to help our District 1 students get ready for the coming year. My office has therefore partnered with State Representative Diego Bernal, County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez, and SAISD to put together a Back to School Fair and Giveaway.

At the Fair, we’re going to be giving out school supplies, haircuts, health education, and assistance with utilities.

The Fair will be held on August 12, between 10 AM and 1 PM, at Edison High School, 701 Santa Monica.

NOTE: WE ARE WELCOMING VOLUNTEERS FOR THE FAIR. If you’re interested or have questions, please contact us.


I am here to serve as your advocate and to amplify your voice on City Council. My office has an open door for your ideas, concerns, and feedback. You can reach us at 210-207-0900 or by email at Together, we can create positive change and ensure that Southtown remains a place that we are all proud to call home.

Sukh Kaur is the District 1 representative on San Antonio's City Council

During the campaign, I heard loud and clear from residents that infrastructure issues were a big concern

I'm holding a town hall on the proposed budget: August 16, at 6:30 PM in the Candler Physical Education Center, on the San Antonio College campus.

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