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Sukh Kaur

Sukh Kaur is the District 1 representative on San Antonio's City Council

Sukh Kaur is the newly-elected City Council member for District 1.

Sukh's family immigrated from India when she was young. “Like many other immigrant families,” she says, “we moved here in search of the American Dream."

Her parents worked long hours in the flea market while she and her siblings went to school to get a good education. Experiencing discrimination after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she decided that she wanted to focus her life's work on social justice. She studied policy at Rice University and also got her business degree there.

Realizing that one of the biggest civil rights issues affecting our community is the inability to access high quality schools, she turned her focus to public education. She served as a teacher, school leader and systems leader.

“What I have seen,” she says, "is that schools can’t do it alone. Access to stable housing, safe neighborhoods and reliable transportation are necessary components to a child's success."

"This is why I ran to join the city council,” she says. "To create change for our current and future generation of San Antonians because I love my city and I love District 1."

You can connect with Councilwoman Sukh Kaur by phone (210-207-0900), by email (, or via her District 1 page on the City's website.

Building a team to serve District 1

Our new City Council representative wants to keep the neighborhood up-to-date on what's happening in City government.

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