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Has Hemisfair made a positive impact on your life? Do you want to see the community's vision for the redevelopment completed? With your support during the 2022 Municipal Bond process, we can deliver one of the world's great public places right here in San Antonio.

How You Can Help

With your help, we can maintain this level of funding by demonstrating Hemisfair's city-wide impact to the Mayor and City Council. Here's how you can champion your urban parks district:

  1. Submit a virtual comment through Dec. 9.

  2. Send a letter or email to your City Councilperson (in District 1, that’s Councilman Mario Bravo).

For any of these opportunities, be sure to include the name of the Hemisfair project you're supporting in the 2022 Bond: Hemisfair Civic Park Phase II and/or Hemisfair Boulevard Phase III.

Thank you for your patronage and support of Hemisfair. Our ability to deliver the community’s vision for a great urban parks district is possible because of neighbors and advocates like you!

We’re grateful to Lavaca and Friends for inviting us to write this monthly column. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions, column ideas or want to learn more about Hemisfair: Follow @hemisfair for updates.

In the 2022 Bond, the City of San Antonio is currently recommending:

  • $18 million needed to finish Civic Park construction, which was 1/3 funded in the 2017 Bond. This includes the Source Plaza, Civic Park's grand entrance.

  • $9 million to complete Hemisfair Boulevard Phase III, which will connect downtown and Hemisfair to San Antonio’s East side through Montana Street, and to the Lavaca neighborhood through Labor Street.

Civic Park Phase II

In the 2017 Bond, Hemisfair received one-third of the required $60 million to complete Civic Park. By leveraging philanthropic funding and the monetization of the ground lease for the developable parcels adjacent to Civic Park, the remaining gap is $20 million. The City is recommending $18 million in the 2022 Bond, which will complete the grand entrance of Civic Park and the Zocalo, including a built-in stage for community performances.

Completion of Civic Park and the adjacent P3 properties in the Northwest Zone is expected to result in over 2,000 construction jobs, 650 full-time jobs and over $250 million of private investment. Civic Park will also deliver more green space, trees and interactive water – all in a sustainable fashion – to make the space attractive and comfortable year-round.

We will break ground on Civic Park Phase I in January, which will deliver the Great Lawn, Promenade, Shallows water feature and public restrooms. Hundreds of city-wide festivals and community events can be hosted or expanded at Civic Park with capacity for over 15,000 attendees in concert mode.

Civic Park will be the crown jewel of downtown and the City’s parks system. With this funding included in the 2022 Bond, we can realize the vision San Antonio residents set out for this transformational project.

Hemisfair Boulevard Phase III

We have already seen the economic impact and activity that Hemisfair Boulevard Phase I (from César E. Chávez to E. Nueva Street) has produced by providing vehicular and pedestrian access to the small businesses bordering Yanaguana Garden: Commonwealth Coffeehouse, EnergyX Fitness, Lick Honest Ice Creams and ReRooted Urban Winery. It also provided access to Hemisfair’s first P3 partnership with AREA Real Estate to bring residents back to the Hemisfair district with the construction of the ’68 Apartments.

Phase II, which was funded in the 2017 Bond and will begin construction in the Spring, will create a complete park street from E. Nueva to the bridge in front of the Tower of the Americas. This street connection created by this Phase III funding is essential to further breaking the barrier created by Highway I-37. Hemisfair Boulevard will enhance equitable access to San Antonio’s East side and allow a safer connection into and out of Hemisfair and downtown. By connecting to District 2 through Montana Street, this Bond project will positively impact East side business owners and residents who have long been separated from the economic activity of the center city.

The completion of this street will not only further the reestablishment of the historic street grid that existed in the neighborhood before the 1968 World’s Fair, it will also increase accessibility and visibility of the remaining historic structures and 1800s-era historic homes in Hemisfair’s eastern zone. Once the street construction is complete, that now-blighted area can be honored and reinvigorated through shops, restaurants and other small businesses in the historic homes. Completing Hemisfair Boulevard also unlocks the value of new, developable parcels in Hemisfair’s Eastern Zone and is expected to result in $200 million of private investment and 1,100 new full-time jobs. This complete park street will provide more opportunities for San Antonians of all backgrounds to live, work and play at Hemisfair.

Thea Setterbo is the Director of Communications for Hemisfair

With your help, we can maintain this level of funding by demonstrating Hemisfair's city-wide impact to the Mayor and City Council.

Hemisfair needs your help and support

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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