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Thea Setterbo

Thea Setterbo is the Director of Communications for Hemisfair

In her role as Director of Communications, Thea Setterbo is responsible for staying on top of everything that's going on in the organization.

Thea is involved in everything from events to budgeting, and it's her job to communicate a picture of what is going on to the public and to city officials.

Prior to joining the Hemisfair organization, Thea was Public Affairs Manager for the City of San Antonio.

For more information, visit the Hemisfair website.

Hemisfair got even prettier

Hemisfair is getting more beautiful all the time.

Hemisfair needs your help and support

We need your support to tackle the next phases of development in Hemisfair.

Hemisfair is back: Welcome to your park

Twenty months after putting things on hold due to COVID, Hemisfair Park is once again holding in-person events

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