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The LNF Weekly is an outgrowth of Lavaca & Friends.

Lavaca & Friends got started more than a decade ago, with an email newsletter that Jane Gennarelli put together each week and circulated to any neighbors who were interested. Over time, that newsletter grew substantially in both content and subscribers. Then, in early 2020, we added a companion website that included a sixty-item restaurant directory and occasional articles about neighborhood people, businesses, and issues.

Some of the voices we’d like to publish are obvious — we’d like our elected officials to speak to our neighborhood. Sarah Sorensen, our new SAISD board member, is the first to join us, but we expect to hear from others.

We’re also interested in hearing what’s going on in ‘micro-hoods’ within our neighborhood, from big ones like King William and Lavaca to tiny ones, like Callaghan Avenue, where, pre-Covid, neighbors had a weekly Thursday get-together. We’d like to hear from parents, teachers, and students at Brackenridge High School and Bonham Academy. We’d like to hear from local businesses and non-profits.

We’ve got our first micro-hood contributors already: Thea Setterbo, who will tell us what’s going on in Hemisview, and Nancy Diehl, who knows our community’s animals through the Cannoli Fund non-profit.

But there are endless possibilities. What do you know about and care about that might interest your neighbors? Clubs? Activities? Schools? People? 

If you’ve got an idea, we’d like to hear from you. Contact us and tell us what you’re thinking.

A montage of photos.

We've got quite a few voices already. The color photos, clockwise from the top left, are Thea Setterbo (Hemisfair), Nancy Diehl (Cannoli Fund), Jane Gennarelli (LNF Weekly), Sarah Sorensen (SAISD Board of Trustees), and Jim Feuerstein (LNF Weekly).

The website and its content get a lot of views and a lot of positive feedback. We’re happy about that, but we think that there’s one big shortcoming: The only voices speaking from the website are ours — mine and Jane’s. We write about what we know and what interests us. This is a big, diverse neighborhood, and there are plenty of people who are seeing things we don’t see.

So we’re looking for more people to contribute their voices to the site.

Jim Feuerstein is co-editor of LNF Weekly; he also designs and manages the website.

We’re looking for more people to contribute their voices to the site.

We're looking for neighborhood 'voices'

Friday, October 15, 2021

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