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Jim Feuerstein

Jim Feuerstein is co-editor of LNF Weekly; he also designs and manages the website.

Jim Feuerstein is a software developer and website designer.

He relocated from the New York City area to San Antonio in 1994, when he sold his original software and consulting business to a San Antonio company. He hadn’t intended to stay here, but when he moved to the Lavaca neighborhood in 2005, he fell in love with the area.

‘This is a real neighborhood,’ Jim says, ‘I know my neighbors. My friends live down the block, and we run into each other on the streets and in restaurants. At the same time, there’s an active business, entertainment, and civic life that makes things interesting.’

From the time he moved here, Jim has been active in the community, serving on the board of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association and working with his business partner, Jane Gennarelli, to organize a neighborhood happy hour, to put together the 'Lavaca & Friends' website, and now to co-edit the 'LNF Weekly'.

Jim’s first job out of college was in journalism, with a small county newspaper in Wisconsin, where he primarily covered sports, so the 'LNF Weekly' is a return to those roots.

He and Jane Gennarelli have been business partners for almost two decades, and now, here in Lavaca, they’re also neighbors, living less than a block apart.

Check out Jim's web design company, Loft 2203.

Stop hiding inside. There are things to do out there.

Now that the temperature has fallen below 100º, maybe it's safe to go outside and do some things again. Check out the art events that are coming up. Walk over to the library. Take your pup out out to a coffee bar. But if you're not quite ready yet, just sit down and read our latest issue.

How does the library choose all those books?

The San Antonio library system has about two million volumes; a third of those are in our 'local branch'

Can we just kill these words?

There are certain words and phrases that really annoy me

Missing Micky

It's been six months since we lost him, but we still miss Micky every day

In this heat, why wouldn't you just stay inside and read

If that makes sense to you, we've got an issue that's packed with good reading, from art to pets, food to wine. Plus some important issue discussion.

Pet insurance isn't about saving money

Insurance allows you to make the best medical decisions for your pet, without worrying about breaking the bank.

Central Library

San Antonio's Central library is a wonderful and under-utilized resource. Take a look at some of the things it offers.

As the weather warms up, San Antonio gets active, and we've got some stories about that

There's a lot going on in the neighborhood this spring, ranging from art events to Fiesta to home renovations. We've got it all.

But is it art?

Artificial intelligence can now write essays and imitate Van Gogh, but is the result really art?

Scott's List

The best source of contractors for your historic home is this list maintained by a Lavaca neighbor.

It's officially winter, and we've got some tips

Let's not get technical about the 'solstice' -- it's been cold, it's been gray, and I'm already playing Christmas music. So we've got some advice for shopping, eating, and enjoying yourself.

Why is FedEx so awful?

FedEx used to be really good. What the heck happened?

Worth a read

Want to kick the doomscrolling habit? Here are some periodicals that are worth a read.

A cookie for every occasion

Want a special treat for a special occasion? Try 'Southtown Sweets' custom cookies, handmade right here in the neighborhood.

We're making a change

The magazine is switching from monthly to quarterly.

This is it! Season Two, Episode One!

Once again, we've packed together stories for every interest -- pets, food, art, beer, history. It's mostly good news, but maybe not all of it. Here's what we've got in this month's issue...

Robert Tatum

Artist Robert Tatum says his work is 'a little strange'.

Looking back at year one

It's been a full year for LNF Weekly. Here are the top articles of our first twelve months, both the most popular and our personal favorites.

Beethoven Männerchor

We live in the heart of multiple historic districts, and Beethoven Männerchor is about as historic as it gets.

Not a safe place to visit anymore

A friend says he won't visit me here in San Antonio. It's not safe.

We've got lots of stories, and something for every taste.

SAALM picks artist of the year; the Noise Ordinance Task Force receives a report; funk survives; San Antonio has an architectural first; Jane cooks Jambalaya; and more.

There's still some funk in the neighborhood

We've paved paradise and put up a parking lot; but there's still an island of funkiness in Lavaca.

City's sound experts submit a plan

The city's sound experts have given us a plan; it's time to decide

We've got more voices than ever in this issue

We’ve got multiple stories on neighborhood businesses, Sarah Sorensen on schools, Tommy Newman on music, Jen Beckmann on wine, and Alison Galvan on fitness. We’ve also got photography from Al Rendon, art from Sandy Whitby, a recipe from Jane Gennarelli, and a brand new feature (Worth a Read) that’s all about books.

Pig Liquors

One of the things that makes a real neighborhood is local retail. Pig Liquors is a long-time anchor with an inventory that's worth exploring.

Worth a read

It's time to stop doomscrolling and really read something; here are a few books you might want to try.

It's summer break, but schools are our focus this month

We've got a couple of important articles about our schools, but, as always, we've got more than that. We've got art, food, music, wine, pups, and more. Dive in.

Community schools -- a better approach?

This approach is working elsewhere. Can it help us in SAISD?

From rowing to ropes, a full-body workout

EnergyX, the fitness studio in Hemisfair, has an introductory offer for neighbors

It's July. No wait, it's only June.

Summer is well underway. There's not much we can do about it, except maybe kick back with a box of wine, put on some house music, and make sure your pup has lots of water.

Lavaca needs a comprehensive traffic study

With multiple, major traffic generators coming to the northeast corner, the Lavaca neighborhood needs a plan.

SAFFE officers work with the neighborhood

There's now an officer dedicated full-time to the Lavaca and King William neighborhoods

It's all our 'voices' that make the magazine come alive

Music, art, food, non-profits, fun for kids. We've got voices talking about all that and more again this month.

Consultants submit first noise ordinance report

As part of a reset, the city hired a sound consulting firm to advise the noise ordinance task force. They've submitted their first report.

Preserving the native music of San Antonio and South Texas

Conjunto music developed here in South Texas. A San Antonio non-profit is working to preserve it.

Lavaca Neighborhood Association sets goals for 2022

The LNA's newly-elected board has set some ambitious and important goals for the coming year.

Sourdough Bread Part 5: Upping your game

Last month you learned how to make sourdough bread with the fabulous Tartine method. This month, we go a step or two farther.

We've got another mix of good reading and good art aimed at Southtown

We've got important reads, fun reads, informative reads. We even teach you how to make a Southtown sourdough bread that beats San Francisco's.

Sourdough Bread Part 1: The Basics

The best bread in the world can come out of your own kitchen.

Sourdough Bread Part 2: Creating a Starter

San Francisco sourdough starter is famous, but it's got nothing on native Southtown starter.

Sourdough Bread Part 3: Mixing the Dough

The process takes some time, but it's easy and you don't have to do much.

Sourdough Bread Part 4: Baking

Finally, the reward -- golden, crusty, and delicious.

Two big issues this month: The noise ordinance and our school district budget

This month’s issue is what we always shoot for, a blend of important issues and fun reads. Learn about Austin’s approach to sound management, our school district’s revenue shortfall, great little boutiques in Lavaca, and lots, lots more.

The 'noise ordinance' task force is getting a reset

The city has hired an expert to assist the task force

Austin's approach to sound management

Austin faced the same 'noise' problem as San Antonio. Here's what they did.

The 'Popular Sports' Olympiad is coming to San Antonio

The IVV will host its 2023 Olympiad here in San Antonio -- for the first time anywhere in the Americas.

We're introducing two new voices in this issue of LNF Weekly

LNF Weekly keeps growing, and the best part of it is our neighborhood voices. Now we've got two more.

Would this work here?

This small town raised a bunch of money and had fun doing it.

Find funds for your small business

Do you need funds to start or grow your small business? LiftFund can help.

The big story this month is the noise ordinance

We’ve got recipes, dog news, COVID advice, and more. But we think the piece that’s most important is the article on the city’s noise ordinance task force.

Steampunk Captain

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