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In every issue of LNF Weekly’s online magazine, we try to cover at least these three things: art, pets, and food. This issue is no exception.

First, let’s talk about art.


We’ve always got some art in the issue. This time, we’ve got cover art from Lesta Frank, and we’ve also got a perfect autumn piece from local photographer and artist, Al Rendon.

There are also a bunch of art events going on in the next month or two here in the neighborhood, and Jane Gennarelli catches you up on them.


This neighborhood loves its pups. In fact, we often know each other’s dogs before we know each other. There’s a neighborhood couple that Jane and I still refer to as ‘the husky people’, based on the dogs they were walking when first met them, even though we’ve since learned their names. We haven’t been walking in the mornings for a while, since we lost Micky, our pup of almost fifteen years.

Jane has also written about the value of crate training for your dog, and she gives you some advice on how to approach it.


We’ve got two recipes in this issue.

In anticipation of the cold, Jane has written up a recipe for a stew of pork, barley, and cranberries. I’m a big fan of all those ingredients, and I’ll testify to the quality of the result.

We’ve also got some instructions from Gretchen Rose on making marmalade from Meyer lemons. Gretchen learned canning — against her will — from her mother, and she also talks about that experience.


Our neighborhood hosts the national headquarters of the AVA (‘America’s Walking Club'), and they’re starting up a program specifically for neighbors. This program is aimed at getting beginning walkers to take the first steps toward the health benefits of walking. It sounds great.

A crowd of people

The AVA recently hosted an international event here in San Antonio, with people coming from all over the world. Now they've got a local focus, and they're inviting you to a 'getting started' program for walkers.

And if you’re ready for an even bigger step, Alison Galvan (of EnergyX Fitness) takes the mystery out of choosing a personal trainer.

Do you ever get confused about the hodgepodge of organizations and spaces and acronyms associated with Hemisfair Park? Check out this primer from Hemisfair’s own Lauren Leija.

Speaking of big organizations: I’m a dedicated user of the Central Library, both the physical library and the virtual, electronic library. In all the years I’ve been using it, I’ve wondered, Who picks all the books, magazines, and databases that the library offers? And how do they do it? I found out.


There are a lot of words and phrases that drive me crazy. Lately, there’s one that has rocketed into popularity, and I’m wondering: Is there a way to kill it? And maybe a few others, too?

Jim Feuerstein is co-editor of LNF Weekly; he also designs and manages the website.

Stop hiding inside. There are things to do out there.

Autumn 2023

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