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Our magazine has just switched to a quarterly publication schedule, and this is our Winter edition. As always, we’ve got art, food, and neighborhood businesses, but this time we’ve got a heavy winter and holiday focus.


Jane Gennarelli has written a terrific piece on how to do your Christmas shopping, right here in the neighborhood. Jane did a similar piece last December and it was a big hit. There are great boutiques, art galleries, a bike shop, stores with kitchen gear, even a record store.

While you’re thinking about holiday gifts, you should consider custom cookies from Southtown Sweets. We’ve got an article about Marcy Newman’s home baking business that will give you some ideas. You should also take a look at Jen Beckmann’s piece about gifts for the wine lover.

If you need another good reason for shopping in the neighborhood, here it is: You won’t have to risk mis-delivery by FedEx. I can remember when FedEx was great, but that’s no longer my experience. I’ve written about it.

And while we're on the topic of holiday gifting, Jane Gennarelli suggests that a new puppy for the kids needs careful thought and preparation -- in fact, maybe the puppy shouldn't actually appear on Christmas Day. 


One of the great things about our magazine is the variety of neighborhood voices who contribute to each issue. Here’s some of what we’ve got in the current issue.

Our school district board member, Sarah Sorensen writes regularly about what’s going on with our schools, and every article she writes is worth a read. Her current article is about the district’s big picture plans for the coming year. Don’t be distracted by the district’s buzzy vision statement — keep reading to understand some of the nitty gritty bits and to learn how you can get involved.

The City of San Antonio (via local non-profit, LiftFund) is offering zero percent loans to local businesses, in an effort to support business recovery and growth. Valeria Alderete of LiftFund tells us all about it.

Fitness expert Alison Galvan offers us some advice about staying fit during the holidays. It’s easy to get too busy to take care of yourself, Alison says, and you can’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

And for this issue, I’ve got a piece in the Voices column, too. I wrote recently about how to avoid ‘doomscrolling’ by reading books. This time I’ve got some periodical recommendations.


In addition to gift shopping — which can be a lot of fun — there are other fun things to do in the neighborhood during the holiday season. Jane Gennarelli has highlighted a bunch of them. (If you really want to keep up with what’s going on, subscribe to Jane’s weekly newsletter).

After the holidays, in February, San Antonio is hosting a big international walking event, and a lot of it will be right here in the neighborhood. Andy Thomas has written about it.

If you enjoy cooking and baking, the holidays give you an excuse to indulge. Jane Gennarelli loves to cook, and she particularly loves cooking for the winter and for holidays. She has already planned her Christmas menu (centered around Osso Buco), and she’s sharing the recipes.


Our cover art for this issue is a winter piece by by Irena Taylor, and photographer Al Rendon has contributed another of his works, along with the story behind the image.

Jane Gennarelli has checked in with the San Antonio Art League and Museum, to get their plans for the new year. You can still catch their current invitational exhibit, which runs through December 17th, but then the museum will close until January 3rd. When the museum re-opens, it will be kicking off a bunch of exhibitions, and Jane tells you about it.

Jane also had a last-minute addition -- after we 'went to press' -- about plein air painting as an extreme sport. Jane has written about local plein air artists in the past, but when she read a Facebook post from a friend and plein air artist in Wisconsin, she had to retell that story.

Jim Feuerstein is co-editor of LNF Weekly; he also designs and manages the website.

It's officially winter, and we've got some tips

Winter 2022

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