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Summer is well underway. There's not much we can do about it, except maybe kick back with a box of wine, put on some house music, and make sure your pup has lots of water. And, of course, read the new issue of our magazine.

We try, in each edition of our monthly magazine, to include a mix of articles. We want to cover issues that are important to the neighborhood; we want to promote artists, non-profits, and businesses; we want to provide some interesting reading.


This month, on the serious side, we’ve got several good pieces.

Leading the pack is Sarah Sorensen’s piece on community schools. Sarah represents the neighborhood on the SAISD school board, and her regular columns in LNF Weekly always present important information in a highly-readable form. You can’t claim to be well-informed on our schools if you don’t read what Sarah has to say. 

We’ve also got a pair of articles related to traffic and parking.

Marcy Newman is a retired (but still licensed) civil engineer who, during her career, managed multiple, huge highway projects. She now lives in Lavaca, and serves as Traffic and Safety Director for the neighborhood association.

I spoke with Marcy this month about the potential traffic crisis that’s headed toward Lavaca, thanks to all the development going on, and I’ve written about that.

Marcy herself has written a piece about the problems of parking here in the neighborhood. Marcy is speaking from a Lavaca perspective, but what she says applies to any historic neighborhood.

We expect to hear from Marcy regularly in the coming months.

We’ve also got a piece about the San Antonio Police Department’s SAFFE program, which is aimed at providing a direct connection between neighborhoods and the department. 

And, in this dog-loving neighborhood, with temperatures climbing above one hundred every day, there’s no more serious issue than how to care for your pup in these conditions.


We don't like to publish the magazine without a recipe, and Jane has one this month that I love. It's her variation on biryani.


A year-and-a-half ago, Jane Gennarelli began using the works of local artists as the top-of-page banner for her LNF Weekly Art and Entertainment newsletter. We extended that practice by featuring a work by a San Antonio artist as the ‘cover’ for each issue of our monthly magazine.

This has drawn both of us, but especially Jane, deeper into the world of local artists.

One thing that has fascinated Jane is plen air painting — that is, painting outdoors in natural light. So she decided to find out more, and she talked to several local artists about it.

(Incidentally, if you want a real-world example of plen air painting, just check out this month’s cover art, a water color by Margie Hildreth.)

In addition, Jane reports this month on the GAGA exhibit at King William’s San Antonio Art League & Museum, which opened on Sunday. 


There are three people we count on to be interesting each and every month — Al Rendon, Tommy Newman, and Jen Beckmann. 

Al is preparing for a retrospective at the Witte next year, and he’s uncovered some never-before-published photos. He’s picked one to show us.

Tommy answers the question — what is house music and what does it have to do with disco? You may never have asked yourself that question, but, as always, Tommy makes you wish you had.

And Jen explains how wine packaging — including the cork — is changing, and changing, and changing some more.

Jim Feuerstein is co-editor of LNF Weekly; he also designs and manages the website.

It's July. No wait, it's only June.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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