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i'm eating

breakfast north-faced



because normally

i sit at the booth

at the other end, the one

next to the electric plug,

where i face south

as i eat

this morning

that booth was taken

by another south-faced,

keyboard clicking


leaving me

at this end, in the

only other booth next

to an electric plug

where i now face breakfast

facing north

i'm not sure

what effect this will have

on the gastro-dynamics

of my egg over easy

and extra-crispy bacon

but it does

present a subtly different

view, which could have far-reaching

psychological effects on

those, like me,

who normally eat breakfast

facing toward the south

face the oncoming traffic on the


as well as those, like me today,

who eat breakfast

facing north

face interstate traffic

going away..

this different orientation

a reason,

i believe, why

south-facing diners

are usually

highly motivated people

with the supreme confidence


to write meaningless, totally

trivial, poetry


north-facing diners

often suffer from abandonment issues

and are frequent victims

of depression


Published in Goes Around, Comes Around by Allen Itz

Allen Itz is a San Antonio poet and artist.

A minor poet explains it all

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Spring 2023


The importance of choosing your words carefully.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

and it's another fine day when nothing happens

A poem by San Antonio Artist Allen Itz

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