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Allen Itz

Allen Itz is a San Antonio poet and artist.

Allen Itz is a native South Texan, moving slowly over the years from a small town just a few miles from the Rio Grande to San Antonio and the hill country. He began as a writer in the late 1960 s, published a few poems, than quit writing for nearly 30 years. He began to write again several years ago after he retired from a career in state government, and has since published more than 200 poems in various on-line and print journals.

Having spent years as a writer, he recently turned to art, with, so far, a single showing of his work.


The importance of choosing your words carefully.

A minor poet explains it all

Advice from a self-professed minor poet: maybe it matters which way you face

and it's another fine day when nothing happens

A poem by San Antonio Artist Allen Itz

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