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Al Rendon

Al Rendon is a photographer who has been capturing the culture of San Antonio for decades

Photographer Al Rendon has been documenting his hometown, San Antonio, for nearly fifty years.

He got his start, as a teenager, sneaking backstage at rock concerts to get photos of big-name bands, but he rapidly transitioned to photos that represented the culture in which he grew up. He began capturing photos of Conjunto and Tejano musicians, local artists, street food purveyors, charreada riders, and ordinary citizens.

He became the go-to photographer for Conjunto and Tejano musicians, reaching the apex with his iconic photos of Selena, used as cover art for her 1992 CD 'Entre a Mi Mundo', and later as covers for several magazines, including 'Newsweek'.

Al’s photos now appear in books, in the Smithsonian, and in museums in Chicago, Houston, China, and elsewhere throughout the United States and the Americas.

We're excited that Al's work will appear regularly here in 'LNF Weekly'. Each month, he plans to choose one of his favorite photos and publish it here along with a story of how that photograph came to be.

See more of Al's work on his website.

Fall Cornucopia

Digital Image

Zoot Suiter

Digital Photograph

Red McCombs

35mm color negative converted to black & white sepia

Henry de Leon

Digital Image

Halloween on the West Side

35 mm Tri-X black & white film

Queen Elizabeth visits La Villita

35 mm Kodacolor film (digitally converted to sepia)

Beach Boombox

35 mm Kodachrome slide film

Vincent Valdez and 'The City I'

Digital image, Sony A-77 camera ISO 100 F/6.3 1/5s

Ruben Munguia

35 mm black and white film

Mi Papá

35 mm black and white film

Flaco Jiménez

35 mm black and white film

Chiquiti Boom

35mm black and white film

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