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This is our first issue of the LNF Weekly, and we’d like to explain what it is.

Mostly, we'd like to talk about the name.


I’ll get right to the point. The ‘weekly’ part? That’s a lie.

Not a ‘lie’ lie. More of a ‘we’re not there yet’ kind of lie.

We picked the site name and bought the domains ( and before we really thought things through. We quickly realized that we wouldn’t be able to put together an issue every week. Not yet. So we scaled back our ambitions to bi-weekly. And then we scaled them back again. We now aim to publish monthly.

As we gain more contributors (more ‘voices’), we hope to publish more frequently. Ultimately, we want to earn the ‘weekly’ part of our name.

This all grew out of 'Lavaca & Friends', first the newsletter, then the website, and now LNF.


As for the ‘LNF’ piece, it comes from ‘Lavaca & Friends’ — Jane’s newsletter and our original neighborhood website. But now it just means ‘LNF’. That’s it. Nothing more. So please, no more emails telling us that King William isn’t part of Lavaca.

How do we define the neighborhood?

What, exactly, is the LNF neighborhood?

For purposes of this publication, the neighborhood consists of Lavaca, King William, Blue Star, Hemisfair, and everything over to the South Flores ‘corridor’ from César Chávez to Keller. 

We’re a bit fuzzy around the edges. We include the new apartments along the north side of César Chávez, and we stretch South Flores to rubber-band it around il Forno. 

Notice in particular that we’ve reclaimed Hemisfair for the neighborhood. Prior to 1968, the land that is now Hemisfair was a residential area, tightly linked to Lavaca. We’re taking it back.

So that’s the territory that we plan to write about, and it’s the people, businesses, and organizations within that neighborhood that we want to speak for and to.

Jim Feuerstein is co-editor of LNF Weekly; he also designs and manages the website.

What does 'LNF Weekly' mean?

Friday, October 15, 2021

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

We're introducing two new voices in this issue of LNF Weekly

LNF Weekly keeps growing, and the best part of it is our neighborhood voices. Now we've got two more.

Friday, October 15, 2021

We're looking for neighborhood 'voices'

We want to publish what our neighbors are seeing and thinking. What YOU are seeing and thinking.

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